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As we turn the corner to a new year, I want to thank you for joining Do Something Good. Most importantly, I want to thank you for sharing the vision of building a stronger volunteering community in Malaysia, that the collective action of people can help make society a better… Read More
n [caption id="attachment_2000007051" align="aligncenter" width="614"] Nationwide Waterfall Clean Up[/caption] Check any waterfall spot in Malaysia and you’ll find the same problem. Rubbish and trash strew the picnic sites lay a serene and beautiful nature wonderland to waste. Do Something Good volunteers decided to do something about this as part of a… Read More
n   [caption id="attachment_200000" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Upcyled couch[/caption]   Notice anything different at this year’s Urbanscapes, the go-to indie music festival of the year? How about a couch made entirely out of used plastic bottles? In an effort to promote recycling and upcycling, Do Something Good started a project that began… Read More
n Football. One of the most recognizable sports on the face of the Earth with millions of people who either play the game or tune in week after week to catch their favourite stars compete. There’s also one thing about football that no one can deny. The sports ability to bring… Read More
n [caption id="attachment_200000" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Do Something Good distributing t-shirts to the homeless[/caption]  The city of Kuala Lumpur, the heart of Malaysia. A modern bustling city where millions working while having a roof on their heads. But what about those that don’t have a place to call home? According to the… Read More
project Hey everyone! So SOLS 24/7 are setting up a new initiative with the Better Malaysia Foundation (BMF) called 'Project 100' in various communities throughout Malaysia, in order to improve certain social standards in areas in need of improvements. They are looking to recruit for the position of Community Development Officers… Read More
ucm Hello beautiful women of the world! As millions around the world gather to celebrate International Women’s Day today, we should all remember and appreciate the women in our lives who rose above the many obstacles to fight for gender equality. Since the nineteenth century, women have achieved tremendous progress in… Read More
MoneyBags Written by Daniel Quilter If I had a RM 1 for every time someone asked me ‘why should I pay to volunteer?  I am giving you my time and service I shouldn’t get charged for it?’ then I would be as rich as the King or maybe even richer! I think… Read More
vcard What plan do you have for this year's Valentine's Day? A candlelight dinner for two, a romantic walk down the beach...or maybe you could mark the day in a more meaningful way by volunteering, together! Check out Do Something Good for a lot of fun volunteering opportunities, and share the… Read More
Giving flower On behalf of Mother Nature, the people behind Carbon Free Sunday went on an Appreciation Guerilla Campaign to thank public transport users for lowering the country's carbon emission output. It's nice to see the smiles of the daily commuters who were pleasantly surprised to be handed out flowers. See it for… Read More

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