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Become a Project Manager to make a change!

At Do Something Good, we’re looking for a Community Engagement Project Manager  to join the team for a full time, paid position on our quest to build Malaysia’s voluntary sector. As Project Manager, you will be leading a new set of volunteer-based initiatives we are working on, designing new social projects, and focusing on building a community of volunteers. This is an exciting endeavour that will not only change you, but also the community we live in.

Do Something Good is Malaysia’s largest platform for connecting volunteers to social causes. We serve over 300 NGOs, 30,000 volunteers, and a variety of corporates.

As Project Manager, your key responsibilities will be to:

  • Develop new volunteering opportunities and programmes
  • Manage the execution of volunteering programmes by coordinating volunteering logistics between volunteers, NGOs, and corporate sponsors
  • Put volunteering on the cool list by promoting volunteering (internally and externally) through recruitment, strategizing campaign and publicity initiatives
  • Monitor, support, motivate and accredit volunteers and their work
  • Maintain and update databases and undertake any other administrative duties

We’re looking for individuals who have: 

  • Outstanding written and oral communication skills
  • Strong proficiency in both English and Bahasa Malaysia
  • Experience in project management and starting their own social projects preferable
  • Passion in community empowerment and creating social change
  • Strong teamwork skills, comfortable in working with a tight-knit team of inspiring individuals

Location: Petaling Jaya
Type of Employment: This is full time position

Contact details: