Digital Volunteering

We are working in close partnership with Multimedia Development Corporation (MDEC) and Digital Malaysia  on a Digital Volunteerism project which ​aims to identify and enable digitally-savvy youth to either ​assist ​Malaysian NGOs by providing digital support ​in the form of social media,graphic design, photography, videography and more or volunteering for the general good!

Digital Volunteerism Projects include:

  • Graphic design materials for NGOS
  • Managing NGO’s social media page
  • Speak-To-Me-In-English via Skype
  • Videos for NGOS
  • Online Fundraising with
  • Photograph for NGOs
  • Microvolunteering with Tabs For A Cause
  • GoodMail Project


Social Media Manager 

Jiccky Chee. Right To Learn Project FB page is currently manage by Jiccky Chee. He helped the page raise from 100 likes to 276. Jiccky is always updating, sharing and interacting with people on behalf of Right to Learn. He even visited the center to learn more. Link to FB page:

Jaslyn Loo. Jaslyn Loo is the social media manager for Anbe Sivam Home. They initially dont have an FB page. Now the home has 71 likes on FB. Jaslyn even visited the centre to take daily activity photos to be uploaded on FB. Facebook Link:



Jing Wen & Jeslyn. Two girls took the time to visit the NGO and made a video for Right To Learn Project giving them more exposure. Click link for video:


Jovy , Shafiz, Chun Yen, Yeu Hun. 4 volunteers made a video for the NGO and submitted it to the Good Story Asia Competition 2014. They were top 20 finalist. If they win the prize money, they’re gonna give it all to the NGO. But they didn’t though. Nevertheless, Beautiful Gate receive exposure and they are able to use the video to show the public what they do.


Skype session


Weekly Skype sessions made the kids so happy and excited to read stories online with a volunteer. Plus, they get to learn more on how to use the computer.Mr. Christopher from Praise Emmanuel Children’s Home said  through Skype the kids get to practice English and improve their communication skills. W


Online Fundraising


Introducing our online fundraising campaign to support Project WHEE‘s volunteers in their mission to promote eco-tourism, teach English and helping the women of Bario, Sarawak, in their daily activities!

As of now RM1585 has been raised! So show them some support and contribute to their pursuit in helping a Malaysian community!


E-Birthday Greetings

Volunteers send in birthday greeting emails that will be shown to an underprivileged child on their birthday, since they dont have their family around. Volunteers send in encouraging messages and wishing them a happy birthday, or even do video. One volunteer even ask whether he can buy a present for the child that he was assigned to.


Jung Ming from Praise Emmanuel Children’s Home was all smiles when he read birthday greetings with words of encouragements sent by volunteers: Najihah, Whitney, Nadiatul, Syazwin, Hui Ling and Hanani to him via email for his 10th birthday on the 13th of October!