Do Something Good launches into cyberspace

Do Something Good launches into cyberspace

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After a very long night of programming, we launched Do Something Good’s public beta to the world on June 12th at Bangsar Village II.

We didn’t really know if half the seats would be empty or if it would be great. As it turns out, the turn out was completely Amazing! People came from all over to support us that it far exceeded our expectations. We put out 50 seats and printed 75 shirts thinking we’d have 25 extra for the office – turns out people were standing on the sides and no one in the team got a shirt!

The concourse was brimming with friends from various communities – the NGOs, entertainment industry, media, platform partners and volunteers.

3, 2, 1… Take-off!

Officiating the kick-off of Do Something Good was Deputy Minister of Higher Education Yang Berhormat Dato’ Saifuddin Abdullah. University students are going to be a big part of the volunteers on this platform.


Some notable NGOs present, including the National Cancer Society Malaysia, Yayasan Salam, Yayasan Chow Kit and House of Matahati. Accompanying Dato’ Saifuddin’s support were our Celebrity for Cause. Ambassadors – Amber Chia and Ben Ibrahim. Even though Daphne Iking could not be physically present, she took the time to prepare a very touching video to represent her support. Other celebrities such as Azlan Iskandar and Altimet sent warm wishes and excitement in the friendly competition amongst themselves to recruit more volunteer signups for their chosen causes. Stay tuned because you’ll be hearing more from them!

So what happened?

To share a bit of what happened at the launch, we have a few video snippets thanks to MediaSaya, who also live streamed the launch:

A little about DSG

By harnessing today’s technology and social media as enablers, Do Something agood aggregates volunteering opportunities so it’s easy for volunteers-to-be to discover them. It allows volunteers to sign up via their social network and find relevant volunteering opportunities in their neighborhoods – thereby making it easier for individuals who are interested in helping out with causes. In order to further encourage volunteerism amongst the youth, volunteers in DSG are rewarded with virtual points and badges when registering for volunteering opportunities online.

DSG empowers the volunteers especially the youth by providing them with a fun and easier means of getting notified on the current volunteering activities NGOs are offering. Directions on the location for the areas of volunteer work are also provided online. Meanwhile, NGOs have a wider and greater access to volunteers throughout the country.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who made it personally and took the initiative to spread the word on our launch, your presence was appreciated. DSG has over 1000 volunteers at present and more than 37 volunteering opportunities online in addition to the 30 participating organisations and we are looking forward to growing with you.

So start volunteering today! Do Something Good! ;)