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Do Something Good Student Ambassadors


We set out on a quest to search high and low for passionate student volunteers who can be Student Ambassadors for Do Something Good.

He or she will be the face of Do Something Good, recruit students for volunteering opportunities and coordinate Do Something Good’s on-campus events.

The quest has ended and we present to you all the selected Student Ambassadors!

Awatiff Ezzah
SEGi University

Besides being a full time degree student, Awatiff is also the founder of Youth of Hope Malaysia, a project to involve youths in community service and volunteering for various NGOs. she is an active member of the Do Something Good portal and has volunteered for NGOs like Mercy Mission and Young Muslim Project. Awatiff is enthusiastic about contributing and giving back to society.

Hakan Nural
Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APIIT-APU)
His goal as a Student Ambassador is to get people to be active in volunteering. Hakan promises to be accessible and easy to work with. Volunteering for him is no hassle, he likes it!

Heidy Quah
INTI International University & Colleges

She may be only 18 but Heidy is the founder of Refuge For the Refugees, a non-governmental organization focused on generating funds for refugee children in Chin Children’s Education Centre as well as other refugee communities. Heidy dreams big and is committed to touching lives and making a difference in society.

Jay Mahmoud
Multimedia University (MMU)

Since 15, Jay has been a frequent volunteer back in her hometown in Jordan. Geared with competitiveness, a hardworking personality and a sheer love for volunteering, she aspires to ‘do something good’ for her second home, Malaysia. Jay is also currently pursuing her doctorate degree.

Nur Ain
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)
Ain believes in giving without expecting anything in return, the essence of volunteerism. She describes volunteering as a hobby and an honour to put a smile on the faces of those who are less fortunate. Ain is an active participant, as well as a leader in various clubs and societies in school. She is also a volunteer for Yayasan Salam Malaysia.

Ong Wei Lin
Brickfields Asia College (BAC)

Wei Lin believes that youths, in moving the nation forward as leaders of tomorrow, should start by contributing to their local community, society and nation. He has volunteered at various events, including the recent International Malaysian Law Conference. Equipped with leadership qualities, Wei Lin possesses the reliability and capabilities fit of a Student Ambassador.

Shamala Devi
Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR)

Shamala has always been passionate about lending a helping hand to those in need. As a volunteer in the Tamil Foundation’s English Enrichment Programme, she gives back to her community by contributing to enrich knowledge of English among Tamil school students. She believes that one should possess a concern towards society and act upon it.

Willy Yong
Sunway University

Willy’s experience as a Peer Counseling Volunteer has enriched his knowledge of dealing with people with emotional troubles. He is also an ambassador for Graduan Aspire since 2011. Eager to learn, Willy is also eager to contribute and help others who are in need.


And there you have it owlies, our Do Something Good Student Ambassadors who will assist the Do Something Good team in transforming volunteerism in Malaysia!