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Want a way to contact organizations quickly and efficiently? Or simply wish to share your experiences with other fellow volunteers? Or did you just want more volunteers to join you on a certain project?

What better way to do all that than to post threads in a forum!? With the newly launched DSG facebook forum page, volunteers and NGOs can now chat to each other in a post by post manner quickly and in real-time.

So, some of you fellow Do Something Gooders may ask: “Why would i want to use a forum if i can just contact NGOs  personally?”

True. It is indeed also convenient to just contact NGOs  personally. However, some NGOs may not have enough resources or may simply just find it troublesome to answer the same questions over and over again asked by many different people.

As such, by having a forum, volunteers can first check in to see if other volunteers have already asked the questions that they wanted to ask. This will help save time for both NGOs and volunteers.

Here are some other reasons that a forum may come in handy:

– FAQs (Frequently asked questions) can be answered once and multiple volunteers who want to ask the same questions can just refer to the answers that has already been answered before by NGOs.

– Volunteers can share their experiences with other volunteers and can also ask for volunteering advice that an NGO’s perspective may not be able to answer.

– Feedback can come in many different perspectives since many people can answer your question.

– Ideas can be exchanged and shared between volunteers and NGOs in one place.

– NGOs can post up events on the forum as another way to publicise their volunteering opportunities, and at the same time the sequencing of events will show the recency of each NGO’s event.

The forums can also be useful in many other ways. Ultimately, we here at DSG wish to form a stronger sense of belonging and bond between all the Do Something Gooders with our forum.

This DSG Facebook forum will serve as a beta for a proper forum that might be implemented onto the DSG website, depending on how popular the facebook forum will be.

Volunteers or NGOs who wish for a proper forum to be implement, first be part of our facebook forum by going to this link here: