Ephratha Orphanage Eviction

Ephratha Orphanage is in a middle of an eviction by its current homeowner. According to the sister of the founder, the homeowner thinks that the house is no longer a conducive environment for the children. He thinks that the house is not large enough for the growing children. Therefore, they were given up to February 2015 to find for an alternative home.


Right now, Ephratha Orphanage has been searching high and low for a corner house at Taman Pelangi, Rawang. They are looking for a place that is spacious enough to house a total of 18 girls.  At the same time, the founder, Christina Soosai, is recovering from a recent operation, making it even more difficult for them to search for a new home.


They did receive an offer for a home. However, it is infested with termites. Hence, if they fail to find for any other alternatives, Ephratha Orphanage will have to settle for this and it will incur a higher cost for the replacement of the interior of the house.


Let’s give Ephratha Orphanage a helping hand. Please contact Christina Soosai at +016-3400787 if you know of an affordable vacant corner house at Taman Pelangi, Rawang.


Alternatively, we can help to lighten the burden through the donation of money and goods.


At the moment, there is a need for the following goods:
1) Toiletries

2) Clothes for children within age range of 3-18 years old for the girls and 1-16 years old for the boys

3) Music instruments (eg: guitar, pianos)

4) Educational books (eg: word search, puzzles)

5) Plastic drawers for the up keeping of clothes.

5) Food


For more information, please visit www.hati.my/children/ephrata-home