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Animals for YOUNG Largerst Animal Therapeutic Coloring Poster


Animals for YOUNG is an organization that have trained professionals to provide Animal-Assisted Intervention (AAI) for SEN Children.  We are established since 13 June 2017 . You may check us out at

Meanwhile we would like to recruit 20 volunteers for an awareness and publicity event.

Date: 27th Dec 2017 – 7th Jan 2018
Time: 10:00AM-10:00PM
Venue: Sunway Velocity Mall (whole court in front of Family Mart)
Mechanics of Activity:
• a)Therapeutic colouring canvas mat and b)Riding sensory tricycle: RM 10 donation to get a free organic crayon or RM5 donation to get 20 minutes ride on sensory tricycle
*All the donations are used to sponsor SEN children for therapy after event
*Crayon sponsored by Crayola-world best color products
*Tricycle sponsored by WePlay – world best sensory toys
• Special needs children participate for free
1. Get donation from activities we charged so that we can sponsor more needy family.
2. Promote awareness of new therapy and availability of sponsored therapy with a new place for needy parents.
3. Promote awareness that special needs children can be brought out of home and society to respect their rights.
4. Increase awareness and mentality of owner to take care of their pets’ hygiene when being brought to public area.

For volunteers’ information,

Shift basis:
Morning shift: 9:00 AM (for daily briefing) – 4:00 PM
Evening shift: 3:00 (for handover and briefing) – 10:00 PM
*You may check the shift in
Benefit: Free lunch (morning shift)/ dinner (evening shift) + 1 Animals for YOUNG T-shirt
Attire: Jeans with Animals for YOUNG shirt, sport shoes or toes covered shoes
Duty involved:
1. Take care of children’s safety and remind parents not to leave children alone or behind.
2. Handle enquiries from parents about how animal-assisted intervention (AAI) helps SEN children, services provided by Animals for YOUNG and we as an NPO which sponsor therapy (research briefly about it before coming for the briefing in the morning of 27th Dec 2017).
3. Handle registration for activities: therapeutic colouring and sensory play with tricycle and other administration work.
4. Touch up empty space of canvas paintings.

If you are interested, drop an email (with Date can be committed, name as per I/C, ic, transport method, email address and phone contact) to [email protected] or whatsapps Ms. Raynette at 0195697019 for further info.

Let us spread the power of animals among needy community!