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Fundraise and Volunteer in Cambodia

We’re a social enterprise on a mission to reduce poverty by empowering  people to make a difference through fundraising campaigns and impact focused volunteering.

Join us in funding and installing life saving biosand water filters for families in rural Cambodia. Each biosand filter costs USD 100 and is able to support 1 family for many years.

Fundraise or donate  a minimum of USD 100 towards helping 1 family and we’ll invite you to join us on our upcoming field trip to  Siem Reap. We will help you create an online crowdfunding campaign and assist you with fundraising ideas to ensure you hit your desired fundraising target.

All volunteers must bear the cost of their trip which includes flights, lodging, meals and a program fee.

Get in touch if you’re interested and we’ll send you further information on how you get involved and make a difference!