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Great Heart Earth Warriors Day 2017

In the month of Merdeka, Great Heart Charity Association would like to inspire the patriotic spirit in you! Love our country by help maintaining its cleanliness together with your fellow Malaysian brothers and sisters! Join our Great Heart Earth Warriors Day 2017, which is a mass street clean up environmental project that aims to safeguard the cleanliness of our environment at four different districts concurrently via the participation of 5000 volunteers! We encourage all Malaysians, irrespective of age, gender, and race, to join us in delivering an important message to the public – Love Our Country! Keep It Clean!

在充滿国庆气氛的月份里,耕心慈善协会希望激发您的爱国精神!与马来西亚的同胞们参与清洁运动,以行动来爱我們的国家!参与地球战士日,与5000名参与者在四個不同的地区来为保护我们的环境而努力!我们鼓励所有马来西亚人的参与,不分年龄,性別和种族,一起向公众传达重要信息 – 爱国从保护环境做起!

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