Pertiwi Soup Kitchen


13 Aug, 2019 - 13 Aug, 2020




Kuala Lumpur


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Pertubuhan Tindakan Wanita Islam (PERTIWI) is a project oriented charitable organisation dedicated towards addressing the welfare and needs of women and children.

Since its formation on 17 November 1967, PERTIWI has played a vital role in providing various forms of assistance. This has included lobbying for women’s rights in Malaysia, educating, nurturing and empowering women, while maintaining their traditional family role. Some of PERTIWI’s social missions and welfare activities include the provision of literacy skills and education awareness seminars, provision of medical aid to remote villages, sponsorships for educating foster children, and the provision of skills training for single mothers, among other programmes.

PERTIWI Soup Kitchen provides a humanitarian food-aid service to the homeless and hard-core poor irrespective of race or religion. By interacting with various destitute inner-city communities on a regular basis, additional support has been given to assist those who are ready to become more independent. Our medical service helps those who seek basic treatment for common ailments.

This project complements existing efforts by working towards the following objectives:

  • To distribute basic pre-packaged healthy meals and clean water 4 nights a week in inner-city neighbourhoods where various recipient groups are located.
  • To raise awareness of the number of hard-core poor in our city.
  • To encourage corporate and media sponsorship, and regular volunteer participation to feed the hungry.
  • To operate the programme in a sustainable manner that will enable it to serve an increasing number of people.


We are able to feed between 500 – 700 homeless and hard-core poor individuals four times a week with the help of our committed volunteers. The areas served are Chow Kit, Kota Raya and Masjid India on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9pm to 11pm.

We recommend that volunteers pack as light as possible and be free of backpacks or handbags. Wear comfortable shoes as long hours of standing is involved. Children are also encouraged to join the initiative! It is also customary for volunteers to go for dinner together after assisting.

A prior booking is required and volunteers can help on a first come first serve basis.

Pertiwi Soup Kitchen

Task: Crowd control, serving pre-packed food and drinks to the hungry queue with a smile.

Bring: Have snacks on hand in case you get hungry on the job. Avoid bringing cooked meals as food handling issues may arise.

Pertiwi Health Services

We are able to provide basic medical service to the homeless and hard-core poor each night PERTIWI Soup Kitchen goes out to feed them. Only applicable to volunteers with medical training (eg: doctors, pharmacists, nurses, medical students and assistants)

Task: Assist their dedicated team of doctors in providing basic medical services to the needy.

Bring: Your own stethoscopes.




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