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Project WHEE Batch 9

Project WHEE focuses on empowering youths through various social and community-based projects in Malaysia. Our main project entails a cultural exchange experience in Bario, Sarawak, where participants serve the rural community through meaningful efforts.

Our aim is to help and empower the mountainous community of Bario earn an income through eco-tourism, product development, e-services and other means. Our work includes developing eco-tourism activities for the local community, training them to carry out these activities, and assisting in the setting up of other sustainable projects. We recruit participants to teach the women participating in eco-tourism spoken English so that they can communicate more effectively with tourists as community guides and/or homestay hosts.

Aside from developing eco-tourism activities and teaching English, the participants will be involved in other community development projects that vary according to the needs of the community, such as environment, renewable energy and health. The participants will also assist the community in cultural events that happen during their term in Bario.