Sehati Serumpun 9.0

Hello there, we are a group from Kolej MARA Banting (KMB), young and thriving IB students. We are currently doing a humanitarian project, ‘Sehati Serumpun 9.0’ at Vietnam. Our main project objective is simple, focused priorly towards reconstruting a broken toilet of a village, food aid towards the village and finnacial aid for the villagers. The project will be held on 1 December 2015. Right now we are moving to the second phase of the project, and moving to that, we are financial burdened. Right now, we need exactly around RM 10,000 for us to continue this project. Any help in any way, financially (donations) and networking help would be alot for us. Aiming on achieving the betterment of humanity. Let us join hands on bringing back the colours of humanity back to life. Thank you