The Nasi Lemak Project

The Nasi Lemak Project (TNLP) is a for-profit, highly scalable social business who cultivates poor families to be small Nasi Lemak & food enterprises – through microcapital, support and market creation through microfranchise model. The profits are channeled to create more poor family enterprises, to sustain TNLP’s nonprofit works, and to create more social enterprises to alleviate poverty.

Our nonprofit social impact work is continuous throughout the year, such as Streetranger Movement, Project Edurangers and Lepak Library. Some of the impact projects are for-profit and self sustainable, such as Foodapreneurs Accelerator,  Pixel Garage, Unemployment Lab, Suka Seni and Stingarden Theatre Project – in which profits are reinvested to scale the projects, and to create more future social entrepreneurship projects.

Our Headquarters is a young and friendly two-storey house in Batu Caves. The Headquarters is an open space for anyone to share ideas, create new impact projects and be our partners in making Malaysia a better place to live – with free flow of energy and Nasi Lemak!