Video/filming Interns/volunteers

eHomemakers, a non-profit social enterprise, which has innovated several pro-poor schemes provides excellent opportunity for video interns to make tremendous impact with  video editing and multimedia presentation skills.  A testimonial letter with recommendations to employers will be provided for dedicated and performing interns.

Qualification: Posses own editing software in laptop, proven track record in video editing, highly interested in using video/documentary to advance causes for the disadvantaged. Preferably skills in using Stop/slow Motion or animation software.


Tasks ( depends on intern’s skills and length of time):

  1. Documentary on disabled lady, Pong Seow Chin ( Film closing scenes using own HD camera or office camera,  edit videos by compiling footage collected since 2013 on Pong Seow Chin using a mid-range editing software

And or 2. Edit You tube videos on usage of ICT app ECHO ( and the blinds,

And or 3. Edit creative videos about ECHO usage using Stop/slow Motion or animation software, see sample:

And or 4. Create and edit videos on ecobasket functions ( see, see sample :