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Our Volunteers Are Awesome!

We decided to try Do Something Good out ourselves. Moving forward, we’re planning on translating Do Something Good into Bahasa Malaysia. We decided to recruit some volunteers to help us do this and the response was amazing!

Within a week, a number of volunteers signed up and helped us translate the main elements of the site. It took only a few days to do the translation.

A very special thanks to Alyn Tahir and Farina Lan who helped us do the translation!

Emails from volunteers and new users of the platform are always a joy to read as it has opened my eyes to the fact that age should not be a factor when it comes to  volunteering.

An email from a fourteen year old detailing on how excited she was to volunteer really got me feeling guilty on how late I started volunteering. But it was also the many emails from retirees that should remind us that at no age should we stop giving what we can to alleviate another person’s burden.

These inspiring emails that we have been receiving at Do Something Good are not only limited to within Malaysia but from as far as Korea and Turkey!

“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time, they just have the heart”. This famous quote by Elizabeth Andrew has been used countless times to describe the significance of volunteering.

Working with Do Something Good has provided me with the opportunity in meeting countless individuals who are living examples of this quote.