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Shining Light on the Homeless Plight

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Do Something Good distributing t-shirts to the homeless

 The city of Kuala Lumpur, the heart of Malaysia. A modern bustling city where millions working while having a roof on their heads. But what about those that don’t have a place to call home? According to the Welfare Department there are an estimated 2500 homeless people living on the streets of Kuala Lumpur. And this is where Do Somethin Good comes in.

Do Something Good in collaboration with PERTIWI Soup Kitchen, the project called, ‘Give T-shirts to the Homeless’ was set up to give the homeless of Kuala Lumpur T-shirts donated by the general public. With a force 32 strong, these hardy volunteers got together to start the T-Shirts for the Homeless on the 14th of August by sorting out a total of 1300 used clothes collected over the course of two weeks.

Volunteers sorting out clothes

The whole project started with a Youtube video, ‘Make the Homeless Smile’ from the TrueStoryASA channel that decided to buy food and clothes to give to the homeless people around the city. Their message was simple; Don’t ignore the homeless and give something back to them. A bit of hope and love to get them back on their feet for just awhile.

And on the 16th of August, the 32 strong force of volunteers set out to do one thing; Give T-shirts to the homeless of Kuala Lumpur. In what was just one evening a total of 500 homeless individuals were able to receive the donated T-shirts and could choose their size of clothing. The remaining clothes left were then donated to the KECHARA Soup Kitchen, Ruman Titian Kaseh and SOLS 24/7.

Volunteers giving out t-shirts to the homeless
Volunteers giving out t-shirts to the homeless

The world can be a better place if everyone were to work together to make that change. And just for today. Just on that day. We gathered people of different race and background to spread positivity around the city of Kuala Lumpur and at the very least, shed a bit of light to the homeless while at the same time highlighting their plight to the people of the city.

The team of awesome volunteers
The team of awesome volunteers