How did we come about?

One of the primary problems faced by the community service sector in Malaysia is the lack of information and accessibility for the local community towards volunteering opportunities. Many individuals just donn’t know where to start. On the other hand, social organisations, such as NGOs, have difficulty effectively recruiting and managing volunteers. Recording of volunteer contact information is ad-hoc, sometimes misplaced, and organisations rarely know which medium is best to reach potential volunteers – Facebook, email, or phone. Moreover, growth of the volunteer base is slow because people primarily find out about opportunities through friends. We wanted to provide a solution to this and so- Do Something Good was born!

How can we help you?

At individual and community level

Volunteer– Discover interesting and fun opportunities to great things in your neighbourhood, your country, or a place you’re travelling to- all at a one-stop central site,!

Engage and communicate– volunteers can now easily communicate and engage with each other by posting on our NGO forums. Find volunteers with similar interests near you and form communities online

Share information– Post questions and share answers on our forums. Write posts to share about your great volunteering experience

Get recognized– Individuals or teams who contribute most to society will be at the top of our leaderboard & possibly lead future initiatives.

At organisational/NGO level

Publish and Promote– Publish upcoming events simultaneously on your own platform and on Do Something Good’s central directory. Create your own customized events widget to be featured on websites.

Manage your volunteers– Easily register and manage volunteers for your social sector events. Keep track of them and keep them updated with the latest changes

Create lasting relationships– Volunteers who have signed up for your events automatically ‘Follow’ you and our activity feed allows you to keep in touch with your past volunteers

As a platform for volunteering, we do not specifically condone or support the volunteering opportunities or organisations you find here. As a general principle, we allow any organisation whose mission is to benefit society to post volunteering opportunities on the platform. If you find any inappropriate content on the platform, please let us know below.

Need to get in touch with us?

Great! You can use the Feedback tab on the left (all of the messages go to our inbox) or you can send us an email at [email protected].