January volunteer of the month: Mohamad Shahin Mbrak

Muhammad Shahin

A 22 year old, hailing all the way from Kenya, Mohamad Shahin Mbarak is our first volunteer of the month!

Ever since he got a newsletter from us,he has never missed out on any volunteering activities by DSG!

He is currently majoring in electrical engineering, at Asia Pacific University at Bukit Jalil. Despite being bombarded with assignments, he kept his promise and still turned up for every volunteering event. Even though at times, events starts early in the morning, he sacrificed his weekend sleeps to show up, do what he has to do and never complains.

Other volunteers are commenting : ‘He has a great smile’  ‘A tough looking man with a big heart’ ‘An optimistic person and always having a smile on his face’. :)

When we asked him what makes him got involved in volunteering, he says:

“Lesson on positivity got me thinking that the world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows but that doesn’t mean you should be gloomy cause of it. Volunteering helps to make a difference even if its just for a minute, its a good way to bring about the change you wanna see. Making a difference in any way you can.”

And he quote ‘ Im glad I found you guys(DSG)’.

Painting fences at a school