Inspire a Stranger with GoodMail


Inspiration. Motivation. Hope.

These are all things we want to hear on an everyday basis.

Today we’re launching a project that we hope will spread more messages of inspiration and motivation to our fellow Malaysians.

The task? Write an inspiring email using this form, and on November 1, we’ll send it anonymously to another person who is participating in the project. When you participate, you’ll also receive an email from another participant.

So go ahead. Be bold. Give advice. Share stories.

Tell your stranger be courageous, fearless, strong, to keep believing in magic. Share with them your favorite recipe, your secrets to a happy life, and the song that’s been on repeat in your playlist this week.

Most of all, be compassionate. Because if there’s anything we need a little more of these days, it’s compassion.

Write a letter here!


Here are some examples: