On the State of Orphanages – by DSG Intern Auji Azizi

This month, the Do Something Good team has been visiting different orphanages to research how companies can best help out these homes. Namely, we’ve visited Siddhartan Care Centre, Trinity Community Children’s Home Society, Praise Emmanuel Children’s Home, and Rumah Shalom.

I have only just started my internship program at Do Something Good. I’ve been honored to have had the chance to visit these homes and the experience to speak with the children and the people in charge.

The children living in these homes come from low-income backgrounds and abusive family relationships. I can’t imagine how difficult it is to be in that position at such an early age in life.

It was such an honor to meet the people who run these homes. What they had in common was they had the greatest hearts and the best intentions. Stories were told about how the homes were started.

One of the most interesting and inspiring stories came from Siddharthan Care Centre. Mr Maniraman, who runs the center, told us how the home was fully funded by a company during its early years of operation. In 2010, the funding was revoked and Mr Maniraman chose to leave his job in order to continue taking care of the children at the home. Mr Maniraman took on the challenge and is now running the Siddarthan Care Centre with his fellow family members and friends despite the struggle of funding.

The struggle of funding became clear to me during the visits. Funding is definitely a huge part in running homes as money is needed to provide meals, house renovation, tutors and clothes.

The majority of people that walk around on earth often forget that there are less fortunate people that live among us. We pride ourselves with great diplomas whereas these kids struggle to read and write. My experience visiting these homes have proven to me that there should not be a point where we say ‘I have done my part.” This is because these children need constant support throughout their adolescence. We can support them by doing even the littlest things.

I am honored to be a part of Do Something Good and act as the voice for these inspiring children. Let us all work together and put a smile on these innocent lives. We are never too poor to give and never too rich to receive. Let’s Do Something Good.

To help out with the orphanage aid program, please contact [email protected]